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We value your time spent on our Website , so why not combine business with pleasure !? Now, talking, discussing projects, Proof payout, screenshots with payments, you can not only have a good time, but also make good money!

WE pay for the activity of our users at the rates
ID Bonus Action
1 $0.08 Send offer for any HYIP Project is not on our monitoring
2 $0.30 Create Post in any Forums or Website Related about HYIP
3 $0.08 Add Vote of Programs in our Website
4 $0.05 Comment on our Social Media ( Facebook - Twitter )
5 -- Join Our Telegram Chanel
6 -- Invite your Friends to Join Our Telegram Chanel
7 $0.05 Post in any of our topics on monitoring
8 $0.07 Post in our topic on the
9 $0.07 Post in our topic on the MMGP
10 $0.07 Post in our topic on the DTM
11 $0.07 Post in our topic on the
12 $0.07 Post in our topic on the DTM
Extra Bonus:
1- We will offer rewards for best User active (15$) every Month but should invest in any project on our referral posted on our monitoring for 2 times.
2- We will offer rewards for best Post in any forums related HYIP every month 50$.
3- when you send offer to any HYIP Project is not on our monitoring and accept We will offer rewards from 30$ to 300$.
about Offer id: 1 , You can send offer to HYIP Projects is not on our monitoring And waiting for their response Whatever their response Then you will send screenshot but should the name project is clear in screenshot to [email protected] with your payment method to send bonus
1- Comments written in the subject of the project after the announcement of his scam are not paid.
2- Posts with payments from projects are paid only if you invested in this project on our referral, discussion of projects without restrictions.
3- Negative comments, Spam comments, links not related to the topic of our monitoring, insults, advertising of other projects, blogs, monitoring, personal correspondence, etc., is not allowed.
4- We reserve the right at any time and without prior notice: Change any Bonus in anytime.
5- should you have a user in our Monitor
6- any fraud; We will block you from use this Offers again.
You can now request your Bonus by send email for [email protected]
Please use this format:
1- Your username on the our monitor
2- id or name offer - ( username in Social media or Forums or Number Phone ) - number of comments
3- Your Wallet PM
4- Total Amount Due
5- any Notes,Comment
this Example:

or Fill Forms: