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What is HYIP?

To begin with,you should know that hyip is short for high yield investment program,stemming from MLM. Judging form its name,you may know that it provides a very high profit.

So the second point, let’s discuss its profit . Most programs promise to provide you with a very high daily net profit , usually ranging from 0.5% to 3% or more . But what you should remember is that the higher daily net profit is , the shorter its life cycle will be . But if you have enough experience , you will rape a very high benefit from these programs . The most important skills are choosing potential programs and then diversify your money . We will discuss these two skills in later articles on my personal hyip blog .

The third point , we will discuss its essence . Most programs say that they are real companies making money online,in Forex market or so . I remind you that never care about this , for most hyip programs are fast scammers .

Next thing , we will discuss its life cycle . Most hyip programs just break down in several days , so if you participating in these programs , you can’t break even in most cases , let alone making a profit . But if you choose the potential programs , they will manage to survive for a very long period , perhaps half a year or more . Then if you choose such programs , you will gain a very high profit .

I hope the text above can help you learn the basic knowledge about hyip investment and thank you for your reading . By the way , wish you and your families have a nice day .

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